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Only (©2011, Sam Salazar)

Does your heart race in four four time?
Neck and neck to cross that line
When you’re 600 miles of lonely the sun don’t shine.
Girl just remember you’re my one and only love

Only love, only love, only love
Only love only love only love

Does your time tick a beat too fast?
Summer days catch the breeze behind the mast
That carries you around the block
And keeps your time ticking tick tock tick tock

On, and on and on, and on, and on and on,

Does the yellow bird know you well?
Does she sing sweet songs sweeter than the silver bell?
The silver and the bell
The silver and the bell

Did it take you away, sweep you off your step
(Knock you to the moon and back again with less to learn and more to see)
Like it stole me from my blue and lonely days
(Did it show you what you couldn’t see, did it do you like it did me)

Only the you, Only the me,
Is only what is there when you close you eyes and see
Only the light, Only the song,
It only takes so much to know we all belong
Only the sun, Only the skies,
Is only what I see when I look into your eyes
Only the baby blue, only the things that we didn’t do
There’s only one thing that there is,
Only everything there’s not,
Stops the bottom from above, Girl there’s only

Love, Only love, only love, only love
Only love only love only love

Did it fly you away?
By and by to better days
Leave your body where we lie
Send your heart up to the sky

Is it the sunset that sets you still,
Brings home the yellow bird the dog the dove the daffodil,
Still the city lights keep you awake
Sunday nights make you shiver make you shake. It goes…

On, and on and on, and on and on and on.


from Fields on Fire, released July 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Wheels Yellow Springs, Ohio

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From Yellow Springs, Ohio, Wheels is an acoustic band that plays music that sounds like the best dream you've ever had in your short life. The band consists of Rory "Doo-wop" Papania, Sam "Sam Salazar" Salazar, Jamie "Kindergarten" Scott , and Sam "Man-Child" Crawford.
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