Fields on Fire

by Wheels

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released July 31, 2012

Sam Salazar
Sam Crawford
Rory Papania
Jamie Scott



all rights reserved


Wheels Yellow Springs, Ohio

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From Yellow Springs, Ohio, Wheels is an acoustic band that plays music that sounds like the best dream you've ever had in your short life. The band consists of Rory "Doo-wop" Papania, Sam "Sam Salazar" Salazar, Jamie "Kindergarten" Scott , and Sam "Man-Child" Crawford.
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Track Name: Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones (©2011, Sam Salazar)

Stole my soul with a Polaroid
Lost my job to a dog
Left my soul in my traveling shoes
Oh my god, oh my god

The clothes I wore I won’t wear no more
Your red leaf mind your harvest moon
Take your change go buy a real nice suit
For your maker’s a-comin’ soon

Set my fields on fire
With your one black eye
Turn my river water black with your embrace
Let your clouds infect the skies

Sticks and stones
Blood and bones
May help me live
What would you give?

Walk on by
Y’ain’t here to stay
This ain’t home
Since yesterday

And from the minute that I saw you
Red suns danced behind your eyes
Stopped and stoned by your winter skin
Kicked in to yesterday by your lies

Kickin’ rocks to the riverbed
See the arrows in the sky
One’s pointed north, the other west
Don’t ever stop to wonder why

Just walk on by
Y’ain’t here to stay
This ain’t home
Since yesterday

I stepped to and from your clay
Studied the markings of my boot
Learned how to catch a meal lost how to love and how to feel
Learned how to steal and how to shoot

Chorus x2
Track Name: I'm Goin Back
I’m Going Back (©2011, Sam Salazar)

Peaches in the summertime, daises in the spring
But they’ll all become memories come winters moaning sting
Yes Decembers they hit hard to the place I’m goin’ back
Most everywhere the sky is blue but here the sky is black

I’m going back
To the lonesome valley
Where I once lived
So long ago
I’m going back
To that old wishing well
Beneath that cold black earth
Atop them rattling bones

Old Kentucky’s just a shadow and the sun she is no more
Than a washed up showgirl on a forgotten shore
Of the river that flows from the right side of my brain
Out to the windy world through this shattered window pane


I’m on my way back to the old home
beside the rocky river way down low
She’s running for the Midwest to the place that I love best
Ohio, sweet Ohio I’m coming home

I’m going back
To meet the devil
He’s been dinin’ at my desk
Some say I’m cursed some say I’m blessed

Still that earthquake of feelin’ everyday is getting greater
That old Cali girl, she told me that times a revelator

Track Name: High Horse
High Horse (©2011, Rory Papania)

I wish you’d come around and start to see the faces of your friends
You think we’re young and there’s a lot to be but I tell you it’s the end
You’re walkin’ downtown on the other side, you say you’re hiding from the crowd
But I know that on the inside you just want to be found

Listen to the words that the streets cry out
They will help you find your way
You looked your best in your summer clothes
But the cold air took it away
And now you’re tied up with nothing to say

You were ridin’ on your high horse but got knocked off by the clouds
and now you’re lyin’ down on the cold hard ground with no one else around
You had a half-empty bottle in your left hand and nothing in your right
and you said ‘The Devil’s standing in the holy land and he’s looking for a fight’

Come in from the cold, let me lighten your load
Take your hat off and stay a while
You had it all with your damn good looks
But all the cigarettes tainted your smile

Where’d all the time go
And your old ways
See where the winds blow
Off to better days

Well you’ve seen better days and better times but it seems your fortune’s changed
You were happy when the sun was out but now you’re drippin’ from the rain
You were Bobby Fisher with your chess game, but your pieces can’t be found
But all you’ve got left is an old cassette and the tape won’t make a sound

Have you stopped to think about
all the days you left behind
I’ve come to know that you don’t regret
cause there’s nothing left for you to rewind

Where are you goin’
Where have you been
Does it feel good knowin’
You can never win
Track Name: Those Days
Those Days (©2011, Rory Papania)

Get out and slam the door, you know you gotta say goodbye
That life we were livin’ in, you know that it was just a lie
Pictures of me and pictures of you, I think about them everyday
Well those days I left behind, and I just don’t know what to say

You think you’ve got the face that everybody wants to see
But your laugh and all your love, well that was good enough for me
I don’t know why I’d never tell you a lie, but I could never hurt you babe
But I guess that’s just not enough, well I’ll just have to dig my grave

Ride into the sunset
Kiss ‘em goodbye
Well it’s nice and cold in here
Think that I’ll just
Lay down and die

How ‘bout another round, but this time it’s just you and me
I’m tired of being alone, but that’s just how it’s gotta be
You had me in tears with the worst of my fears, and I just couldn’t get away
I said that I was done and gone, but baby now I’m here to stay

You’re my sweet little girl, you’re my whole wide world
You’re my truth and my doubt, you’re my screams and my shouts
You’re my feelin’ of feelin’, you’re my hurt and my healing
You’re the thoughts in my head, you’re the warmth in my bed
You’re my one and only, that could leave me this lonely
You’re the sun and the rain, you’re my joy and my pain
You’re the one that I stole, you’re half of my whole
You’re my aching heart and my aching soul

Ride into the sunset
Kiss ‘em goodbye
Well it’s nice and cold in here
Think that I’ll just
Lay down and die
Track Name: Sit Down
Sit Down (©2011, Jamie Scott)

I took my brain from my pocket, and I waited for that rocket
to lift off and fly into the sun.
Put my gun on the shelf, away from you and myself,
and lived for dreamin’ of my childhood.

Where all the cowboys were the good guys, and the Indians were savage
It didn’t do much for my sour mood.
Can’t we grow wings from our spines that rip right through our skin
and fly away to find a better place to grow?

sit, sit down
from below
sit down
run, run around
stop go
run around

Maybe an island in the ocean, far from all that commotion.
Always turns into a tidal wave.
Feel like I’m drownin’ in a puddle twice as deep as it should be,
we’ll run around like dogs and think our breath away.
We’ll cook our hearts on a grill and serve ‘em up like meat
to all our friends and dearest family
I know I don’t know what I’m doing, this is thick with ruin.
Is it gettin’ cold or is it just me?

All the way
from home
moss doesn’t grow
on a rolling stone

Stop signs on roads, and fences that grow
all around all the feelings I’ve found.
I know I don’t know what I’m doing, this thick with ruin.
Is it gettin’ cold, or is it just me?

All the way
from home
moss doesn’t grow
on a rolling stone

sit, sit down
from below
sit down
run, run around
stop go
run around
Track Name: Only
Only (©2011, Sam Salazar)

Does your heart race in four four time?
Neck and neck to cross that line
When you’re 600 miles of lonely the sun don’t shine.
Girl just remember you’re my one and only love

Only love, only love, only love
Only love only love only love

Does your time tick a beat too fast?
Summer days catch the breeze behind the mast
That carries you around the block
And keeps your time ticking tick tock tick tock

On, and on and on, and on, and on and on,

Does the yellow bird know you well?
Does she sing sweet songs sweeter than the silver bell?
The silver and the bell
The silver and the bell

Did it take you away, sweep you off your step
(Knock you to the moon and back again with less to learn and more to see)
Like it stole me from my blue and lonely days
(Did it show you what you couldn’t see, did it do you like it did me)

Only the you, Only the me,
Is only what is there when you close you eyes and see
Only the light, Only the song,
It only takes so much to know we all belong
Only the sun, Only the skies,
Is only what I see when I look into your eyes
Only the baby blue, only the things that we didn’t do
There’s only one thing that there is,
Only everything there’s not,
Stops the bottom from above, Girl there’s only

Love, Only love, only love, only love
Only love only love only love

Did it fly you away?
By and by to better days
Leave your body where we lie
Send your heart up to the sky

Is it the sunset that sets you still,
Brings home the yellow bird the dog the dove the daffodil,
Still the city lights keep you awake
Sunday nights make you shiver make you shake. It goes…

On, and on and on, and on and on and on.
Track Name: Baby Blue
Baby Blue (©2011, Sam Salazar)

Sing me a song that blackbird sang to you
Sing me a song that blackbird sang to you
Whisper in my ear, that song she sang so true
Whisper words of wisdom Baby Blue

She said she’d always treat me fine
She said she’d treat me fine till the day I die
But that day has come and gone
Like the winter cold and long
Like the Baby Blue bird up and flies away

She said a hard rains gonna fall
She said a hard hard rain’s a gonna fall this way
I used to be a bluebird, as Baby Blue as you were
But all this rain done washed my blues away

The rain it fell
It looks so sweet
But it feels like hell

My sweetest friend I wish you luck
As the red wine turns to ash inside your cup
As the blood spills out from the hole in your heart

From Baby Blue to burn out black
From that to this to this and that
Six hundred pounds of sin you are
And I miss the sound of your guitar

And your Baby Blue words
From your crimson red lips
Float away like broken birds
Slowly sink like broken ships
Track Name: Tired Eyes Waltz
Tired Eyes Waltz (©2011, Rory Papania)

So unraveling, my heart keeps traveling
But I don’t need the road when I’ve got love
Time and time again, we’ve been constant when
Everything around us just falls

I’ll be there for you when your days are blue
When you need a friend you’ve got me
You’re the melody, we make harmony
We come together in a song, one song

Rest your tired eyes, I promise the sun will rise
Just lay your head down on my shoulder and dream